About Pastor Joshi Varghese

Pastor Joshi Varghese

Pastor Joshi Varghese (S/o Mr. Geevarghese & Mrs. Rosamma Varghese) was born and brought up in a traditional Christian Orthodox family. Once, during his Engineering studies he happened to go to a Gospel meeting. That day God spoke to him through a preacher and he gave his life to Jesus who can turn all your failures into achievements and give you everlasting hope, he accepted Him (Jesus Christ) as his personal saviour. After few days he was anointed with the Holy Spirit. Then he took baptism in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. From that day onwards God by His grace is using him for the glory of His kingdom.

God has given us a deep concern about the millions of unsaved souls who are still bound by the yoke of slavery, and the desire to share with them the freedom in Christ that we experience is great within us. Pastor Joshi is a worship leader,Counselor and a Preacher doing the work which God has entrusted him across U.A.E. and many parts of Kerala.

Pastor Joshi Varghese and his wife Dr. Ludya Joshi (D/o.Pastor James K Eapen & Mrs. Darly James Fujairah,U.A.E.), together work for the Kingdom of God. Now they are blessed with a daughter – Rebekah.